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To build a golden life of the underprivileged children by developing their skills & creativity.


To create an environment for street children, free from child oppression and neglect.


Children’s Heaven is a non-profit youth organization which works to protect the basic rights of the underprivileged children across Bangladesh.



After founded in 2012 February 12, We passed a long journey. In our long journey we had lived with so many memories, loves & smiles of around 500 special children for whom we work for. We ‘Children’s Heaven’ is a family of some energetic & young people; are aiming to change the life of street & unprivileged children in Bangladesh. We are trying to protect their rights by giving them proper education, health care & support which they must need for a better future.


‘Children’s Heaven’s Volunteers’ always stay as family & work as a team every time everywhere; whenever they meet for useful gossip or do volunteering. Children’s heaven not only serves for the betterment of the unprivileged children but also do workshop & mentor volunteers to improve their volunteering & personal capabilities.


The year 2016 & 2017 was a great journey we can be proud of. Cause our Children’s Heaven marked its foot prints strongly with the promise of changing the lives of unprivileged Children. We organized various events and workshop for these children.

TIMELINE 2016 - 2017

The year 2016 & 2017 was a great journey we can be proud of. Cause our Children’s Heaven marked its foot prints strongly with the promise of changing the lives of unprivileged Children. We organized various events and workshop for these children.

The Year 2016

We started our journey to 2016 with a Tea Party. In January 15 we ‘Children’s Heaven’ arranged a Tea Party with volunteers to discuss our progress so far & our future events as well as destination for the Children’s Heaven

Following that tea party in February 05 Children’s Heaven Mymensingh arranged Volunteers meetup. We can proudly say that Mymensingh is one of the 5 districts where Children’s Heaven is currently running their operations. Others are Dhaka, Tangail, Jessor & Bagerhat. That day Children’s Heaven planned for the coming Valentine Day – 14 February to spread the love of lives among unprivileged children. We believe that they came to this world for love and it’s our duty to give them better life & love they deserve. Children’s Heaven Mymensingh visited ‘Silpa Charja Jaynul Abedin Archive’ & ‘Mini Zoo’ in Mymensingh with children & share the happiness of love on that lovely valentine day.

Bangladesh has a growing number of cancer invaded children. To create awareness ‘Children’s Heaven Dhaka’ in co-operation with ‘Bangladesh Children Academy’ in 15 February – the International Childhood Cancer Day (ICCD) arranged ‘Playing with Color of Story’ for cancer invaded children. According to IARC (2015) childhood cancer is increasing from 165,000 to 215,000. And we have to take initiatives to stop it right now.

Our February month come to an end with a seminar in West Bangle, India. It was on Children Education & Youth Career Counselling. It was in 19 February

Most of the unprivileged children can’t afford educational instruments or go to school. This is where we have taken initiative to support these children & bring them under the lights of education. Like every year we distributed educational stuffs to children who need them most. In 18 March 2016 we went to Mohakhali & gave *** children educational accessories.

We are destroying our environment by throwing waste here & there. We Children’s Heaven believe that our little contribution to our society will encourage others to do the same & make a change for the better. For that we launched an event named ‘Cleaning to be Green’. We select the Rabindra Sarabar Dhanmandi-Dhaka area for cleaning. We did this event with YDC(Youth Development Council), SUDHA(****) & MMC(****).

Children who we called unprivileged or street children should be independent from harmful life.  They should be happy and independent to choose their own happy life. This 26 March 2016 Children’s Heaven Maymansing & Jamalpur celebrate the day with children’s and spread the happiness of independence. We tell them the dark story of 25 & 26 march which they should learn about.

In 29 April, Children’s Heaven tried to look closely the lives of the street children, for that Children’s Heaven went to Mohakhali and find the story of those children, understand their dreams, need & demand from the life they are living.


SHETU May 06, 2016*****

Children’s Heaven have 3 Smile Center in 3 different districts. In 17 may 2016 Children’s Heaven Jossor distributed educational accessories to *** children in their ‘Smile Center’. Smile Center is a place where Children are given educational access freely & enjoyably. There we teach those unprivileged with our dedicated volunteers. And ensure their educational rights.

First aid is a lifesaving treatment about which most of us is unaware of. In Dhaka because of poverty most of the poor family don’t know the basic steps of primary treatment if someone get sick. June 1, 2016 Children’s Heaven organized a workshop ‘First Aid’ for people who should know these treatments in case of emergency.  Following that in 8 June, we did a medical camp in Dhaka for poor family who struggled to see a doctor for their treatment.

‘RAMADAN’ the month of blessing. We ‘Children’s Heaven’ Maymansing arranged iftar for special children in 24 June. We tried to bring smiles in their face that day and share the happiness of Ramadan with them. Otherwise Most of these children can’t afford new cloths in RAMADAN. So, like every year in Eid Ul Fiter (June 29 2016 ) Children’s Heaven Maymansing managed to give 100 of unprivileged children Eid gifts. Having those gift made them so much happy & their smile was our gift for the day.

We didn’t stop by doing one EID event. On 2nd July RUNNER Bangladesh with Children’s Heaven managed to do EID Food Distribution event among special children in Dhaka city. On 3rd July Children’s Heaven Bagerhat & on 8th July Children’s Heaven Jossor gave EID gift to unprivileged children too.

Who didn’t love to have toys when they were children. Every year most of the privileged children waste thousands of toys. So we decided to collect some of those toys every 6 months & give these among children. So, in 28 July we arranged a Toy distribution event in Smile Center Mohakhali. It was unbelievable that little things brought greater happiness to these children.

We ended our 2016 journey with several volunteers meet up in different branches. We tried to sum up our yearlong activities & progress. We arranged volunteer meet up on November 5 Jossor Zone &18th November celebrate Children Day there. On November 25 we do the Volunteers Meet up at Dhaka & fixed our 2017 works.

The Year 2017

We started the year 2017 with new hope but same destination. We started our year’s 1st month distributing educational accessories among unprivileged children. We believe that with the power of education these children can change their fate and contribute to the nation. We did a campaign for getting donation in whole December month, So that we may give as many accessories as possible.

In January 13 we distribute educational accessories in Maymansing; the chief guest Md. Ikramul Haq Titu the Mayor of Maymansing. the president S M Al Mahmud the founder of Children’s Heaven, co-ordinator Bijoy Roy the president of Children’s Heaven Maymansing were present that day.


In 19 January we went to Balurmath Slum Area – Balurghat, Mirpur, Dhaka. To distribute educational accessories to 50 Unprivileged Children. Following that we went to Jossor 20 January at press club to distribute. We also arranged drawing competitions for those children. In Jossor Chief Guest Mr. Jahangir Alam Sakil ( Panel Mayor, Jossor Pouroshova) was present.

We completed our 5 years of journey in 12 February, 2017 & establish another branch of Children’s Heaven in Tangali district by the Hands of Mostafa Zaman Jony a student of Mawlana Bhashani Science & Technology University. In 17 February, 2017 Children’s Heaven Tangail started their Journey by giving Educational Accessories to 100+ unprivileged children. We also arranged drawing competition for them.

21st February, 2017 international mother language day; ‘’the language we Bangalis are proud of’’ Children’s Heaven celebrate the day in all of the branches with pride & happiness. We included unprivileged children with us and made the understand the depth of our mother language day.

In 19 March ‘National Children’s Day’ Children’s Heaven Tangail & Children’s Heaven Maymansing celebrate the day. Children’s Heaven Tangail celebrate the day with the distribution of ‘Smile Box’ among 30 unprivileged children.

Most of the Street Children have skin disease as because they don’t bath regularly. We Children’s Haven have taken initiatives to teach them the benefits of regular bathing. To full fill that purpose, in 21 April 2017 we arranged ‘Bathing Festival’ at airport railway station Dhaka. That day we teach 50+ street children why they should take bath regularly & also gave some basic Bathing Accessories.

As we believe it’s the right of every unprivileged child to be a part of the festival we all celebrate every year.  ‘POHELA BOISHAK’ 14 April, 2017. Children’s Heaven Jossor Raised fund to spread the happiness to Unprivileged Children.


Children’s Heaven also believed that every volunteer must learn Leadership Capabilities so that the can serve the society in a better way. On May 3, 2017. Children’s Heaven Jossor organized Leadership Workshop for the volunteers. There we tried to teach the basic component of doing leadership practice and how they can improve them.


ABOUT HAWER*************

Children’s Heaven recently signed MoU with CURIS & arranged a workshop in 20 May, 2017. CURIS & Children’s Heaven wants confirm unprivileged children’s right for health by giving regular medical check up to them. Cause these unprivileged children are unable to get access to better health care system.

25 May 2017, Children’s Heaven Jossor Celebrate Mother’s Day. That day Children’s Heaven Jossor tried to make awareness among the unprivileged children’s mother about their child. Because no matter how facilities you give from outsides it’s their parents who drive their minds & lives,



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