Smile Center

Children’s Heaven Smile Center for street children in Bangladesh, A rehabilitation center where street children can come to unite, attend education, receive medical care, do sports and games, receive food, learn different skills, receive counseling etc. Through the activities in Children’s Heaven Smile Center Street children receive rehabilitation from street life and can join Children’s Heaven Home of Happiness or are re-united with their family again. They are able to go back in the community as responsible citizens, the future of Bangladesh.

Day of Happiness

Every month about 150 street children, who are still living on the street, join our Day of Happiness Program. We play various games, before the meal we share information about simple life skill lessons, guidance on certain issues and encourage the street children. Due to playing Cricket/football children are challenged to be active, they learn how to work in a team, interact with others. During the program children are able to recover their childhood, have a nice time, relax, forget the miserable situation they are in and gain hope.

Day and Night Outreaches

Children’s Heaven meets the street children in their environment (on the street and in the slums), during day and night. We get to know the children, build a relationship, observe their behavior and tell them about our organization. Before a child can join in a shelter home or a family we observe a child for a specific period of time on the street. The child needs to be willing to change. Is there a change of behavior of the street child? Is the street child willing enough to leave their substance addictions? A Smile center will help us to follow their process better.


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  • Assist street children to re-enter mainstream schooling at a reasonable level for their age.
  • School and Vocational Training


  • Sports and games
  • Dance, Drama, Music
  • Art-Crafts

Creativity Re-integration

  • Re-unifying street children with their family
  • Re-integrating street children in their family
  • Follow-up visits of re-integrated street children