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About us

Children’s Heaven is a non-profit youth organization which was founded by some young social activists in 2012 with a mission to protect the basic rights of the deprived children living in Bangladesh. Our mission statement is “To build a golden life of the underprivileged children by developing their skills & creativity”. We aim to develop the living standard of the children who are deprived of their basic human rights by providing them education, shelter, food, medical support, and accommodation. Today, Children’s Heaven is a youth organization that works in four districts of the country to ensure bright futures of thousands of children living in these areas. 

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Our Activities


We believe, enlightening the children is enlightening the nation. We work for supporting and motivating the children to attend their education and providing them the opportunities to grow and excel in their life.

Health and Hygiene

Poor and unprivileged children don’t have the access to clean and pure drinking water. Children’s Heaven works for these basic and significant needs of children.

Spread Happiness

Children’s Heaven is working for the under-privileged children in our society to ensure a better life and future for them. These children don’t have the delight or opportunity to celebrate a happy time with their family very easily.

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EID Happiness

We brought smiles on the faces of over 2700 children since the year it has been founded, 2012. Every Eid Gifts that are distributed consists of 6 items that is Eid dress, chocolate, balloon, note book, pencil and pen

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We have successfully organized in total six events of “Educational Accessories Distribution” by which more than 2,620 children have received Educational Accessories with the help of donations and fund raising. The accessories are provided among slum areas or schools of 6 districts


health care

The food packs have been successfully delivered to 120 families in Majher Char, Barguna and these small gifts has brought smiles on the faces of over 1200 people impacted by Cyclone Amphan.

We believe, enlightening the children is enlightening the nation.


latest news

Distributed winter clothes

Children’s Heaven distributed winter clothes to the Children of the Mankhaipara village, Lama…Around 45 children received the warm clothes.

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Women Empowerment

What can be more joyful than bringing ease to the family by empowering uncomfortable women on Women’s Day? Tumpa lost her husband in an accident while three children and their

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