‘Children’s Heaven’ It’s a family of some diligent & dedicated young stars who are determined to bring back light of hope for the unprivileged children living in different parts of Bangladesh. In 2012 ‘Children’s Heaven’ was formed by some madcap young social reformers to secure the rights of these children & ensure a better life for them. It’s been 9 years, Now Children’s Heaven is proudly working in 4 different districts with 4 smile center to help the unprivileged children with food, shelters, education, medical support & other basic human rights they possess by Child Right-2003. Children’s Heaven believes that one’s small steps to improve the life of a community can mobilize the whole society. So, Think Big, Start Small & Act Now.

Why Children's Heaven

In Bangladesh, 36 percent of the population earn less than one dollar per day. Poverty, discrimination, and the effects of natural disasters pose serious challenges to children. Maternal mortality rates remain unacceptably high in Bangladesh, despite significant improvements over the past 20 years. Most births still take place at home, without medical assistance. Millions of children are malnourished and roughly half of the children under age five are underweight.

What Makes CH different

Smile Center

Through the activities in Children’s Heaven Smile Center Street children receive rehabilitation from street life and can join Children’s Heaven Home of Happiness or are re-united with their family again.

Data Driven Aprrroach

We do not rely on third party data, instead our dedicated volunteers conduct field work and collect real life data from which we derive a feasible and sustainable solution.

Focused Support

We believe that trying to help everyone ends up helping nobody. Therefore we focus on the people who are in difficulty and to help the most we can