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Build up Home with Love

It is not Eid salami. This is a different event, where Children’s Heaven tries to build up a home for some homeless people.

2020’s year’s festivals were a little different from every year’s Eid. That time there would be a lot of difficulties for outing with family or sharing joy with family children. But still we would celebrate Eid despite all odds.

But the festive mood of that Eid did not touch the people in the Majher Chore. After the severe cyclone Amphan, where tomorrow is uncertain, how will the festive mood touch these 120 families in the middle?

120 families of Cyclone Amphan Majher Chore, and they didn’t have food for two days, all contact roads were paved, even the last house did not exist. The only support of livelihood had, the crops and plants of their fields had also vanished. Life seems to have stopped for these 120 families in the Majher Chore.

We stood beside the Majher Chore’s people in 2020’s Eid. Because Eid means happiness and what can be greater joy than making people smile?

Meanwhile, we had managed to arrange a one day meal (3kg rice, 1/2kg lentils, 1kg potato) for 33 families with some good people’s help in about 120 families as per our capacity.

Received donation – 44,070/-

We had to hand over your cooperation to 120 families before Eid-

  • Rice 4 kg 160/-
  • Potato 2 kg 50/-
  • Oil 1/2 litre 55/-
  • Boot lentils 1 kg 45/-
  • Milk minipack 20/-
  • Bag 10/-
  • Sowing 1/2 kg 25/-
  • Sugar 250 grm 20/-
  • Total- 385/- + 10/- for random transportation & carrying cost
  • Total cost  395/- X 120 families
  • Grand Total – 47,400/- 

We dreamed that Eid will come again in the Majher Chor, the festive mood will come.


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