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Our Projects

Our ambition

Beside operating in different part of the country, we also run projects to ensure and provide the basic necessities to the hard-reaching rural communities. We fund and aid the projects in collaboration with the local community members. We work on boosting the living standards of these communities according to our objective. We monitor the improvements and impacts of the project sharply, and give instructions to our partners/volunteers according to our benchmarks. Currently, we are operating two development projects named Project: Majher Chor, and Project: Empowerment.


Bandarban Project

Mangkhai Mro Para is a village of 21 families of Mro Indigenous community people. The approximate population of this village is 500. Their main medium of earning is collecting natural resources (wood, bamboo, etc). Besides, they are also dependent on the jhum (which is the traditional cultivation method of indigenous peoples living in hilly areas) and they grow various crops and survive by consuming and they sell the excess remains from it and making an extra profit. This village is almost 35 kilometers far away from the Lama Bazar and there is no transportation system. They have to walk 5-6 hours to come to the market for any emergency like medical issues or shopping. They face so many problems and difficulties in terms of geological and poor socio-economic conditions. Such as there are no primary schools and even
no NGO schools. As a consequence maximum number of children cannot go to school and thus they are still outside of the light of education. They don’t have any access to clean water and sanitation as well and as a result, they suffer from so many diseases throughout the year. They are not concerned about their rights also as maximum people of this community are still uneducated and remain backward.

km distance from the Lama Bazar

No transportation

5-6 hours walk to come the market for any emergency

NO primary schools

Don’t have any
access to clean water

 NO sanitation or toilet

NO healthcare center

Our Action: Better Life for Ethnic People


The neighborhoods are located on top of all the hills. And there is no water supply system so high. They have to rely on spring water for use. After walking a few miles, they fetched water from the cascade. So tubewells are needed for a better water supply for the villagers.


The sanitation system in the village is very bad. There is one sanitary in each village. And these are very unhygienic. The sanitary of the village is in an open condition. Sometimes there is only one wall. For this reason, people become sick and lead unhealthy life. So they need a proper healthy and hygienic sanitation system.


Transportation is very difficult for the neighborhoods to be on the hill. To carry a product or if someone is sick he is carried in a basket made of bamboo. It involves a lot of physical labor. And traveling on hilly roads like this is also a risk. In that case, their lives would be much easier if they used mountain bikes


There is no school and library in Mankhai Mro Para. People have no facilities to
develop their academic skills. But lots of children from Mankhai Para and near
others Para like Rungroi Para, Dosury Para, Bodla Para, and Hatman Para want to
go to school and learn something. From Dosury Para, Hatman Para, and Bodla Para
some of the children go to the city to study. But they need a minimum of 10K for
study purposes. But every family can’t afford this much money. That’s why still they
are uneducated.

So we have decided to build up a library in Mankhai Para. It will use as a school
in the daytime. From others Para who have already educated, he/she will teach
them. And anyone can read books from the library. After the evening, the village
elders will be taught various subjects in this school which will help them in their daily
work. And there will be some indoor games for adults. At the same time, there will
be a big play area in front of the school for everyone.

Project galerry


Majher Chor

Children’s Heaven has taken an initiative to run a project in Majher Chor, Barguna. Majher Char is an island located in the middle of Bishkhali River under Kakchira union in of Pathorghata sub-district. The people are living a very hard life there. Most of the families are involved in fishing as a primary source of their livelihood and their income level is below the poverty line. No education, medical and basic livelihood access is there. Majher Chor is also vulnerable to cyclones, flood, diseases and epidemic, and other natural calamities. Depending upon their socio-economic and other hard conditions, Children’s Heaven decided to launch a project in Majher Chor and help them to overcome their hardships in life. We aid them financially, educate the children through our school, support them immensely during natural disasters, regularly distribute relief, build homes for them, and so on.


We launched our Empowerment project to support the helpless rural women in Shatkhira district. This project aims to increase the income of the women and to improve their financial condition. We arrange a way of earning for the beneficiary, by which the beneficiary can generate better income and be financially stable. We help and assist them to use their resources efficiently.